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Figure 8 Microphone polar pattern, what's that? - WIKI

What is a Figure 8 polar pattern?

A figure 8 polar pattern, or pickup pattern, is a type of characteristic of a studio microphone or even sometimes a microphone for stage use. Instead of just being directional in front of the microphone, a microphone with a pickup pattern named figure 8 is both directional in the front and back. Another name is also bi-directional microphone and also Figure of 8.

How is a Figure 8 polar pattern created?

Usually this is done with 2 microphone capsules, that's why you will usually find this type of pattern as an option with a switch on studio microphones that are multi pattern.
But a ribbon microphone is a typical 1 pattern microphone with this caracteristic

Examples of Figure 8 multi pattern studio microphones

Here are some examples of a few studio microphones that are multi pattern and have the Figure 8 pattern.
Samson C03U
sE Electronics sE2200a II
Samson C03U
Multi-Pattern USB Home Studio Microphone, Free Recording Software
sE Electronics sE2200a II
Studio Microphone

Examples of Figure 8 studio ribbon microphones

And a few examples of ribbon microphones for studio use with figure of 8 patterns
sE Electronics VOODOO VR1
sE Electronics RNR1
sE Electronics TS:QRVOODOOVR1
Full Range Ribbon Microphone
sE Electronics RNR1
Rupert Neve Ribbon Microphone

How to use Figure 8 microphones

The figure 8 microphone can be used for a lot of things. For example you can use it if you need a tight directional pattern, and then you don't use the back pickup. Or you can put it in between 2 people if you are recording an inteview. Or in a studio between 2 instruments if you just want to use 1 microphone

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