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Samson QKICKCL Dynamic Kick Bass Drum Microphone

An incredibly well-made kick drum mic. Rigid, and featuring a huge diaphragm element, the Q Kick sounds better than mics costing hundreds more.

Since we understand that the bass drum is one of the most important and personal of all the drums in the kit, we carefully designed the QKICK as a complete solution specifically for bass drum miking applications. Special attention in the construction of the neodymium element, together with precise capsule porting produces a frequency response ideal for bass drum. The QKICK faithfully reproduces the complex bass drum sound by capturing the deep low frequencies alongwith snappy highs produced by the beater. In addition, QKICK is capable of handling extremely high sound pressure levels with thunderous results. Extremely sensitive, it employs a tight cardioid pattern to reduce feedback and increase side-to side rejection in close miking situations. In addition to the great sound, the QKICK features a shock-mounted clip that easily installs on any standard mic stand. Although the QKICK was designed specifically for bass drum, the extended low frequencyresponse and high SPL capability makes it an ideal choice for miking electric bass amplifiers as well. Thanks to the great sound and flexible mounting solution, the QKICK excels in both live performance and recording applications.

The Samson QKICK utilizes state-of-the-art microphone technology and is engineered to the finest detail. Here are some of its main features:
• Neodymium, dynamic percussion microphone, designed from bottom to top, specifically for bass drum applications.
• Extended frequency range, contoured and optimized for the reproduction of bass drums providing warm low end and crisp high frequency response.
• Shock-mounted clip allows the QKICK to be easily mounted on any standard mic stand.
• Tight cardioid polar pattern minimizes feedback problems and effectively rejects signals from other drums in the kit.
• Capable of withstanding high SPLs lending itself to a wide range of close miking applications inside and outside the bass drum.
• Ultra sensitive neodymium element picks up all of the nuances of any performance.
• Heavy-duty die cast case construction ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding environments.
• The extended low frequency response and high SPL capability makes it an ideal choice for miking electric bass amplifiers.
• Included foam-lined, impact resistant carrying case for convenience when transporting the QKICK microphones from venue to venue.
• Gold plated XLR Connector.

When you mount the QKICK to your drum, it will be easy to get a great sound since the mic is positioned so close to the sound source.You can make slight adjustments to the height and angle that will have an effect on the sound. The changes in sound may be difficult to notice at first, especially in live sound applications, however the more you use your microphone and listen to the sound, the more you will understand, and hear, the effect the microphone placement has on the sound. As always, experimentation and experience are the best teachers. Obviously, in live sound applications you canˇŻt always hear the final results of the sound youˇŻre getting because most of the time your drum kit will be positioned behind the PA speakers, so rely on a band mate or sound engineer to help you dial up the sound. In recording applications, print some scratch tracks and check the sound by listening
to them back in your headphones and in the control room monitors.

By the way, the Golden Rule of getting a great sound miking any instrument,with any microphone, is to start with a great sounding instrument. Be sure that you pay careful attention to the tuning, and if necessary, the dampening of your drum.Miking your drum is similar to putting the sound under a microscope. Any unwanted buzzes and rattles coming from your instrument may be much more noticeable when you mic the drum.

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Product Specifiations

Large diphragm dynamic element
Cardioid polar pattern reduces feedback
Gold-plated XLR connector
Mic stand swivel mount included

QKICK Specifications
Type Dynamic Microphone
Polar Pattern Super Cardioid
Frequency Response 50~16000 Hz
Sensitivity -62 dBV/pa (0.8mv/pa)
Raded Impedance 200¦¸
Max. SPL 147 dB (THDˇÜ 0.5% 1000 Hz)
Weight 370g

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